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    • Internalized HIV-Related Stigma Fact Sheet
      Almost 8 in 10 HIV patients in the United States report feeling internalized HIV-related stigma. Learn more about how people living with HIV can reduce internalized stigma.
    • HIV Diagnoses Among Persons Aged 13–29 Years — United States, 2010–2014
      HIV diagnoses analyzed by age groups revealed striking differences in rates of diagnosis of HIV infection between ages 13–21 years. During 2010–2014, HIV infection diagnosis rates per 100,000 population varied substantially with increasing age among persons aged 13–15 years (0.7), 16–17 years (4.5), 18–19 years (16.5), and 20–21 years (28.6). HIV diagnosis rates were higher, […]
    • Injection Drug Use and HIV Risk
      This page describes the risk of getting HIV from injection drug use (sharing needles, syringes, and other injection equipment).
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